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Amanda Keitges

Amanda Keitges

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08/13/09 11:25 AM #1    

Carolyn Luty (Lopez)

I can still see her face as she got onto the bus Friday afternoon on her way home from St. Mary's when we were freshman. She said," See you on Monday Carolyn". I said" See ya", And that was the last time I saw her. We used to wait at the bus stop together. She would take the bus that went down Sandy and I would wait for the 12 that went down Fremont. The next day, my little brother came running in with the Oregon Journal yelling Carolyn, Carolyn, Mandy's dead. I told him to keep quiet and that he wasn't being funny, but there it was on the front page....

I have often wondered where she would be now and what she would look like. 14 was way too young to go.

08/13/09 10:19 PM #2    

Tom Campbell

I remember Mandy in the way that she would carry herself with such poise and grace. She had a nice smile that would put you at ease. I think every one of us grew up a lot that day that Carolyn describes.

08/16/09 09:47 PM #3    

Sharon Giese (Russell)

Mandy had a presence that people were drawn into. She was kind, beautiful and had an infectious laugh. I remember hearing about her that weekend, calling Carol Navarra - she and I spent most of the weekend at Harvey Scott school crying and trying to understand it all. It was hard getting through her death, someone so young, full of life and promises.

08/23/09 02:21 AM #4    

Tony Cantwell

It's been 34 years and I still think about Mandy almost everyday. I really never got over her death. She was first my closest friend, then my girlfriend. In seventh grade we went from being just friends to alot more. We'd sit in the back entrance to Sandy Lanes and talk for hours, and when we finally started being more than that we didn't want to admit it. I guess like so many of us we tried to grow up too fast. But God it was great to be with her. And then I left to go to Beaumont in 8th grade and we broke up , but still we talked all the time on the phone. I really loved her and she just seemed so lost.
The last time I saw Mandy was a few days before her death. I ran into her on 42nd and klickitat and we talked for a few minutes. That Friday night she was at a party at I think a house across the street from Paul's house, and I heard she got into an argument with her boyfriend and left in tears walking to the Dairy Queen on 54th and Sandy. The last person to see her alive was my cousin Debbie Gold who was there that night. No one really knows what happened after that, but it doesn't matter.
I always wonder what would would have been. In my whole life since I have never had a better friend. I am sometimes haunted by the possibities of one of the kindest most generous people I have ever known.
I remember most her smile and the way she laughed, and that she treated me better than I deserved. If I had just one wish in my life it would be that Mandy could have lived to be with us next summer. I love you still girl. I'll think about you tonight ,again, and miss you. You have no idea how much you are missed by so many people.

03/21/10 02:42 PM #5    

Liz Stickel

She is dearly missed.

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